Developer Student Club
University of Auckland.

Developer Student Clubs is a Google Developers program for university students to learn mobile and web development skills, design thinking skills, and leadership skills.

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Concept of DSC

The DSC program is a grassroots channel through which Google provides development skills, mobile and web development skills for students, towards employability.

Why DSC?

For students to learn development skills, solve problems through technology and inspire them to be world-class developers and changemakers.

Target audience

DSC activities are targeted at University students and any others including faculty members who want to learn development skills & work to solve real-life problems.

Opportunities DSCs provide students with

  • Grow their knowledge on developer technologies and more through peer to peer workshops and vents.
  • Gain relevant industry experience by solving problems for local organizations with technology based solutions.
  • Showcase their prototypes and solutions to their local community and industry leaders.
  • Getting inspiration to become world-class developers and changemakers from sharing others' success stories.

Technologies We're Excited About

Opportunities to learn & access deep technical content.

Android Development

Every year Google developers release exciting new updates to the world's most popular operating system. We always have sessions to keep you updated and mastering the latest trends in modern Android development.


Web Development

Learn the core foundations of a delightful web experience both for the user and developer. Stay up to tabs with emerging and trending technologies. Get access to a guided, tutorial and hands-on coding experience.


Cloud Computing

For passionate developers who want to stay relevant in a cloud first world where businesses demand for agility and innovation and prompt rise of cloud-native applications to ridges gaps between data, insight, and action.


Machine Intelligence

Learn how to drive user engagement and retention with intelligent apps that are able to effectively serve users what they need without the fuss by providing these systems with the ability to utomatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.


Meet The DSC Team

Passionate students and faculty staff driving the success of the program.

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Aiden Burgess

DSC Lead

KFC Eater
Anime Lover
Booo Java
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Flynn Fromont


Secretary avatar
David Xiao


Video Gamer
Treasurer | Tech Team avatar
Matt Moran

Treasurer | Tech Team

Web / Node dev
TypeScript fixes everything
Glider pilot 🛩️
Tech Lead avatar
Hiruna Jayamanne

Tech Lead

Backend developer
Open source & Linux enthusiast
Rust lover
Marketing Lead avatar
Beverley Sun

Marketing Lead

Illustrator is better than Photoshop
Aspiring Web Developer
Tech Team avatar
Jo Bull

Tech Team

Web / Node Developer
Inventor / AutoCAD
Tech Team avatar
Peter Goedeke

Tech Team

Backend Developer
Haskell Enthusiast
Marketing Team avatar
Dong-Mei Lim

Marketing Team

Software Engineering Student
Marketing Team | Sponsorships avatar
Rafaela Cosma

Marketing Team | Sponsorships

CompSci Student
Carer of the best dog ever
Global Politics nerd

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

We hold social tech meetups, tech talks, workshops and hackathons!

Can I join if I have no experience?

Absolutely, we welcome everyone from any level of experience and from any discipline! Most of our talks and workshops are from scratch so lack of experience is definitely not a problem.

Is it free to sign up?

All our events are 100% free and it's free to join! BTW they all have FREE PIZZA 🍕!!

How is it different to other tech clubs?

We aim to hold a lot more tech-focused social events like our tech meetups which is purely a social event to bring people interested in tech together.

What's your connection to Google?

While we aren't required to promote Google technologies and events, we do often make use of some slides premade by Google and advertise their interesting events. Google also very generously funds all our events (pizza) and upkeep.

How much commitment is required?

None! Feel free to come to any of events but attendance is definitely not required or expected at all!

Who should I reach out to if I have any questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing or posting your question in our Discord server.